06-07 Cummins Juice W/Attitude CTS2 #EDG-31504


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06-07 Cummins Juice W/Attitude CTS2 #EDG-31504



Featuring a sleek new look and state-of-the-art technology, the Juice with Attitude CTS2 sets the standard for power, control, and style.  The Attitude CTS2 is an in-cabin controller that not only monitors vital vehicle parameters but allows you to shift-on-the-fly by controlling the Juice module for maximum control and power.

If you own a diesel truck and you’re looking for complete control over your driving experience, look no further than the Juice with Attitude CTS2. With five (some applications have six with the hot unlock) different power levels and the ability to change power levels on the fly, advanced dynamic safety features for engine and transmission protection, and huge horsepower gains, the Juice with Attitude CTS2 delivers mild to wild, and everything in between. The Attitude CTS2 monitor stays mounted in the cab to monitor, in real time, everything a complete set of aftermarket gauges would monitor and more. The Juice with Attitude CTS2 delivers improved throttle response, overall drivability, safety, and power like nothing else in the industry. Whether you own a late model Ford, Dodge, or GM diesel, Edge has a complete lineup of products to suit your needs. 

Attitude CTS2 Features:

  • Slim, sleek case design
  • 5” full–color, high-resolution, swipe screen
  • Custom color mixer for gauge arcs, needles, and backgrounds
  • Multiple gauge screen layouts
  • Fully customizable backgrounds
  • HDMI style plug for power and linking EAS accessories
  • One-touch easy menu navigation
  • Notification center
  • 6 on-the-fly adjustable power levels*
  • Up to an additional 180HP and 440 ft lb TQ*
  • Performance tuning for mileage, towing, daily driving, and performance
  • Dynamic safety features (cold engine protection, backdowns, turbo timer*)
  • Improves low-end response
  • Switch between US or Metric units of measure
  • Light sensitivity meter to dim screen as ambient light decreases
  • Internet Updateable
  • *Some features may vary by make/model/year.


  • POWER LEVEL 1: 25 HP & 80 LB-FTPOWER LEVEL 2: 40 HP & 120 LB-FT

    POWER LEVEL 3: 60 HP & 150 LB-FT

    POWER LEVEL 4: 80 HP & 200 LB-FT

    POWER LEVEL 5: 100 HP & 250 LB-FT

    POWER LEVEL 6 (HOT UNLOCK): 150 HP & 350 LB-FT






Barometric Pressure

Battery Voltage (Insight Only)


Calculated Load

Corrected Speed

Engine Coolant Temp

Engine Speed

Fuel Level (Insight Only)

Fuel Rail Pressure

Gear with TCL

Intake Air Temp

Manifold Air Pressure

Mileage Coach

MPG Instant

MPG Average

Throttle Position

Time 0-60

Time 1/4 mile

Trans Temp

Vehicle Speed